grauwackeis a videopoem (premiere at Berlin’s ZEBRA PoetryFilmFestival 2020) inspired by Nico Bleutge’s poem.
DIESES REGIONALE GETREIDE [native vegetation a natural resource] At the mouth of the Roia river, on the border between Italy and France – two European countries that very often don’t manage to communicate with each other in a clever way – the transit of migrants has been many times interrupted, obstructed, thwarted. A temporary invisible dam was created, for a long time on the river sides one could see a camp of people waiting for a safe place to live in. Now the river looks quiet and empty, as if a long term solution was found. Actually it’s only the migrants’ route that has changed. Based on Daniel Falb’s poem [dieses regionale getreide].
UNENDLICHER SPANNTEPPICH An old lady is trying to rebuild a poem about an “infinite carpet” as a concrete object, as a real “carpet”, aiming to transform words in a material experience.
DIE LIEBE IN DEN ZEITEN DER EU Two sculptures made by Peter Unsicker show us what they have seen in front of the Wall Street Gallery in Berlin – only a few meters away from Checkpoint Charlie.
The Wall Street Gallery in Berlin – located centrally between the Jewish Museum and the Topography of Terror – just a few meters from Checkpoint Charlie: It was opened in 1986 by Peter Unsicker as art-frontier measure facing the Berlin Wall in equal parts on the East-West Berlin territory. Today the Wall Street Gallery is still a place of changes and transformation, a sculpture gallery, stretching the bright, democratic arch from Art to Reason.

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