Welcome to my portfolio website. This page collects some of the video-projects and texts I’ve been working on in recent years. For any request don’t hesitate to contact me through the form under “Contacts”.


Documentaries, shorts, experiments, events.

PETER UNSICKER – Galleria Infinita (PETER UNSICKER – Infinite Gallery) The sculptor Peter Unsicker is a very representative figure of the artistic scene in Berlin. He opened in 1986 his W-All Street Gallery directly in front of the Wall close to Checkpoint Charlie and since then he works and lives in one of the most historically and creatively significant places in the world.
DER BERLINER HOFFNUNGSTRÄGER shows the ride on Peter Unsicker’s bike of his sculpture Berolina, a peaceful version of the “goldene Else” at the Siegessäule, through the streets of Berlin.
“ITINERARIO GIANNI BRERA – A Gianni Brera Journey” is a short documentary made together with Silvio Calia about the greatest italian sport journalist and novelist Gianni Brera (8 September 1919 – 19 December 1992) showing his roots and some of his oldest friends thanks to the collaboration during this journey of his son Paolo.
YOSSERNOONS This is an intimate video-insight of the time I spent as an assistant with Yosser, a 6 years old child with Down syndrome living in Berlin with his mother. My voice and Yosser’s voice come to a dialogue and show how our communication works. The short documentary is meant as a memoir and a delicate portrait.
“ÜBERGÄNGE – die A. und die O.” (TRANSITIONS – the A. and the O.) The Volkshochschule (VHS), an important cultural institution in Germany, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019: two portraits of women, Orieta, a teacher from Chile, and Agnieszka, a student from Poland, show this school as a place of transitions, a platform for existential development and a meeting place for people with very different biographies.
“BILDER EINER AUSSTELLUNG” (Pictures at an Exhibition) Trailer from the theater show 2019 at Rosa-Parks-Grundschule in Berlin with Suli Puschban’s music: “DIE KUNST IST FREI (ART IS FREE)!”
TAXIDERMIE BERLINOISE Shortfilm dedicated to the masterpiece “Taxi Driver” and a tribute to Martin Scorsese in the occasion of a video-contest launched in 2015 by ARTE where this film won the first prize ex-aequo.
“GUIDO SEBORGA – L’anarchia del mio sangue marino” is a short portrait of Guido Seborga, a writer, a painter, a rebel, who was very active in the art scene above all between 1950 and 1980 mostly in Turin and Bordighera.
“KIRA – Jealous” is a cover from a song by the British singer Labrinth performed by Kira, a student of the Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gymnasium in Berlin.
“GAD – Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a short video-experiment inspired by the question “How does it feel when you got a generalized anxiety disorder?”
QUARANTÄNE AUF DEM DACH Two little girls in Berlin facing a strange and suspended dimension of time on a roof where they chat about homeschooling and are busy doing some origami.
UNENDLICHER SPANNTEPPICH An old lady is trying to rebuild a poem about an “infinite carpet” as a concrete object, as a real “carpet”, aiming to transform words in a material experience.
DIE LIEBE IN DEN ZEITEN DER EU Two sculptures made by Peter Unsicker show us what they have seen in front of the Wall Street Gallery in Berlin – only a few meters away from Checkpoint Charlie.
The Wall Street Gallery in Berlin – located centrally between the Jewish Museum and the Topography of Terror – just a few meters from Checkpoint Charlie: It was opened in 1986 by Peter Unsicker as art-frontier measure facing the Berlin Wall in equal parts on the East-West Berlin territory. Today the Wall Street Gallery is still a place of changes and transformation, a sculpture gallery, stretching the bright, democratic arch from Art to Reason.
“AUS DER FERNE KENNEN LERNEN – Conoscersi a distanza” A school-project based on a video-exchange between a class in Chivasso and a class in Berlin by Laura Majer (teacher at Willy-Brandt Oberschule Berlin) and Gabriele Nugara.
With the collaboration of Silvio Calia and Aldo Pasquero (Liceo Isaac Newton Chivasso).
DIESES REGIONALE GETREIDE [native vegetation a natural resource] At the mouth of the Roia river, on the border between Italy and France – two European countries that very often don’t manage to communicate with each other in a clever way – the transit of migrants has been many times interrupted, obstructed, thwarted. A temporary invisible dam was created, for a long time on the river sides one could see a camp of people waiting for a safe place to live in. Now the river looks quiet and empty, as if a long term solution was found. Actually it’s only the migrants’ route that has changed.
EMPÖRUNG INDIGNATION A collaboration with Rosa-Parks-Grundschule Berlin, März 2018 to raise children’s awareness about environmental pollution.
ANPI Berlin – Bella ciao 2020 On the occasion of the Liberation Day from Nazi-Fascism, the ANPI section in Berlin Brandenburg in 2020 produced a video-collage with contributions from members and sympathizers singing Bella ciao.
“REWINGS OF DESIRE” is a shortfilm dedicated to the masterpiece “Wings of Desire” and a tribute to Wim Wenders in the occasion of a video-contest launched in 2015 by ARTE where this film won the audience award.
CLOWN DOLCHU SHOW” This is a portrait of a birthday performance by Clown Dolchu in 2019.
QUO VADIS EUROPA” Berlin, 15/05/2019: Public meeting organized by the Initiative May 26th in collaboration with Com.It.Es Berlin. Speeches by Alina Gerke, Gregor Fitzi, Edoardo Laudisi. Moderation by Alessandro Brogani (Il Deutsch Italia).
“PROJEKT PLASTIK VERMEIDEN Video documentation of the art-project by the Eisbären Klasse 2018 (Rosa Parks Elementary School, Berlin) on the subject of plastic, garbage, environmental pollution. Artistic direction Dr. Fred Meier-Menzel.
ROSA PARKS TAG 2019″ The documentation of the Rosa Parks Day 2019 of the Rosa Parks Primary School in Berlin.
SCHACH DEM KÖNIG FARBE – Bauhaus in 100 Jahren um die Welt” Documentation of an art project organized by Sabine Teubner MBaye at KUNSTWERKSTATT Bunte Spinne in Berlin Moabit SOS-Kinderdorf.
“PETER UNSICKER Kanalwanderung” is the documentation of a walk in Kreuzberg, Landwehrkanal, with the sculptor Peter Unsicker in 2017.
“THE SONG OF NATURE Short exploration of the island Hiddensee, a place with almost no cars, a natural treasure that nevertheless is suffering from global warming and pollution.